Who we are

Tidal Wave Fire Systems installs commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems in South-Western Ontario. Inspired by local business success stories, Troy Walker started Tidal Wave to bring the most important business aspects under one roof.

We offer our clients superior quality design and installation of fire sprinkler systems while maintaining a consistent level of cost efficiency.

Our company prides itself with the highest quality installation and craftsmanship possible. And although we are a new company, we have been involved in construction for over 12+ years.

Our Vision

Tidal Wave is commited to completing projects within the scheduled timeframe. We understand how sensitive timelines can be in construction. “Time is money “ is a mantra often repeated within industry circles.

We are always working with incredibly tight construction schedules , fortunately this is where Tidal Wave's strength lies. We can work with any situation to complete the project.

Through constant evaluation and self-assessment, we have superior understanding of our customers’ needs. Tidal Wave will continue to develop as a customer-based business catering strictly to their needs and expectations.

Tidal Wave believes that success comes with dedication and hard work. Let our reputation speak for the quality of our services.



We have been in the construction industry over 12+ years and this is day to day business for us.

Our safety record is clean, our WSIB clearances are up to date, training and certificates are provided, as well as in-house regular scheduled internal programs specific to Tidal Wave.

Tidal Wave follows the industry standards with a one year guarantee. Working with customers to maintain integrity outside the warranty period will be handled on a case to case basis.

About Our Company